Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our typical FAQ questions and answers, we have updated this page to include Coronavirus specific FAQ's. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received. If you have a question or need some clarification, please call us at 631.665.3600 or e-mail us at info@fireislandferries.com

Covid Related FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked question regarding our Covid-19 response and policy changes.

How many people are you allowing on boats at a time?

As a mass transit service the ferries are not required to enforce social distancing. Knowing this, please be responsible when considering your own safety and make the decision that is best for you and your family.

Why we are not closing off some of the benches on the vessels so people are not sitting in back of each other? (within 6 feet)

Based on ridership numbers, we currently have an open seating policy. This allows for groups/families to stay together.

Are your crews walking around to make sure people are social distancing and wearing masks?

Our crews will be making announcements either verbally or through our public address systems onboard, in addition to posted mask signage throughout the terminals and vessels

What are we doing moving forward further into the season?

We are going to make adjustments as things progress daily. COVID is an unknown and our #1 goal is to keep our crews and passengers safe so we can continue to provide safe service to our ridership.

How are your boats being cleaned?

Our vessels are cleaned and disinfected rigorously and frequently at regular intervals throughout the day. We are using only EPA approved disinfectants for Coronavirus COVID-19. Surfaces that are most often touched are getting more attention as per CDC and NYS Health Guidelines.

What am I permitted to bring with me on the ferry ?

Each passenger will limited to ONE TRIP THROUGH THE GATE with two bags (25 lbs max) which must fit under your seat All other ESSENTIAL items, when accepted, must be carried in the freight area on the ferry and will be charged accordingly.

NO LARGE COOLERS. Coolers 48 qts or smaller will be permitted.

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Can I bring a wagon or a cart with me on the ferry ?

NO LARGE WAGONS OR LARGE CARTS. A Radio Flyer style or a folding wagon will be permitted. A wire cart will be permitted.

THIS WAGON OR CART SHOULD CONTAIN ESSENTIAL ITEMS ONLY. Essential items are personal effects and perishable items

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Where do I drop my freight off for the freight boat?

If you’re bringing your freight down between 7:00am and 9:30am, you will bring it to the end of Maple Ave. All other times will be at the Main Terminal only.

Please allow yourself ample time if you’re planning on making a ferry.

What is the procedure for Maple Ave. Freight Drop Off?

Please pull your car into a parking spot in the middle of the lot, away from the working area. Stay by your vehicle and one of our crew members will come and assist you. Please have everything labeled with your name and destination.

The procedure is the same for the Main Terminal, although parking may be limited.

Markers and tags are available if they are needed.

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Will you accept and ship Instacart, Shipt, Whole Foods or Pea Pod?

During the peak of the pandemic we relaxed our policy and accepted these deliveries despite the condition the groceries would come to us in. If you plan to use a mainland grocery store instead of the markets on Fire Island Shop Rite in Bay Shore, Pat's Marketplace in East Islip, King Kullen in Bay Shore and Sherry's Market in Babylon are the only markets that we handle. Plan a couple of days ahead for now when placing your grocery order. The stores are not at 100% stock yet but fairly close.

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Will you accept full carts on the freight boat?

We ask that our customers plan ahead and have the items that would have gone in their push cart or wagons be placed in an enclosed container such as a tote, closed carton, luggage bag or cooler. Each of these items should be labeled with your name and destination. This allows us to more efficiently utilize room on the boat.

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Can I bring down plastic bags of groceries or orders from Costco in one of their boxes?

All groceries MUST BE in enclosed containers to best eliminate damage to your groceries or items falling out of your bags/ cartons.

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Can we call ahead to have items left outside of the freight house so that I do not have to wait in the line?

We were accommodating this action earlier in the pandemic, when requested and there were much fewer people on the island. This practice is just not feasible with the number of folks coming out now. We should have more crew coming back shortly that will allow us to keep longer and more regular hours. Call 631.647.3055 for freight house hours or check our website once the season starts and we will have hours posted under the Freight Info tab.

Are there hand sanitizer stations available?

Yes, we have installed several clearly marked stations throughout our Bay Shore terminals and vessles

Are the ferries handicap/elderly accessible?

Yes, upon arrival please locate a crew member or call 631-665-3600 and we will be happy to help. Ramps are available on all vessels for embarkation and debarkation, and our crews are trained in the proper procedures.

How long are the boat rides over to Fire Island?

One way trip is approximately 30 minutes.

Can I bring my bike over on the ferry to Fire Island?

No, bikes are not permitted on the ferries. Bikes are taken over on the freight boat that leaves from the end of Maple Ave. Monday thru Friday at 10am.

Can I walk from one beach to another?

Yes, the towns are connected by a Burma road which runs along the center of the island. Walking along the ocean is also an option.

Can a round trip ticket be used any day?

Yes, a round trip ticket is valid no matter the day returning.

Do all the same communities use the same tickets?

Yes, the tickets can be used at any beach.

Where is there short-term parking available?

There is a parking lot on the properties that has a daily, overnight, and long term parking when capacity allows. For information call 631.665.3600. There is also additional parking at the end of Maple Ave.

Can I pay using a credit card?

Credit cards can be used to purchase monthly parking, or 40 trip ticket books in our main office. For ferry fares, we take tickets in the mTickets app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

No, there are no bathrooms on the boats. There are bathrooms at the ferry terminal in Bay Shore.

How do I get from the train station to the ferry terminal?

Taxis are available from Bay Shore LIRR station and generally meet every arriving train. If you should choose to walk from the train station, Fire Island Ferries is located roughly one mile south of the station. Fourth Ave. turns into Maple Ave.

Is there a senior citizen discount?

Yes, with a valid Suffolk County Senior Citizen Identification card a one-way fare is $9.00.

Can I hire a special boat to take me to the beach?

Yes, please call Fire Island Water Taxi at 631.665.8885 in advance and ask to speak with a about booking a cross bay charter.

Are dogs allowed on the ferry and beach?

Yes, as long as they are properly leashed aboard the ferries.PLEASE NOTE: Certain communities do not allow dogs on the beaches.

Can I take a Water Taxi from one town to another on Fire Island?

Yes, as well as going across the bay, water taxis travel from beach to beach parallel to Fire Island. Call 631.665.8885 for more rates and information.